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As of 2022, the Soviet’s long range plans involve greater integration of the Soviet system of government with the Federation’s republican government. The end goal of this integration is to successfully convince the Federation’s citizens that the Soviet style of syndicalist democracy is and should be the way the Federation is governed.

Along these lines, in 2020 the Soviet began a quiet campaign of memetic agitation among the Federation and left-libertarian microfactions on Luna, Mars and the Main Belt towards the formation of an “autonomous alliance” that would stand for four main points:

  • Autonomy, self-organization and self-governance for all sapient beings
  • Direct democracy and forms of organization where sapients collectively decide their own future.
  • Mutual aid and reciprocating altruism between sapients.
  • The right to engage in self-defense against oppression and coercive authority and stand in solidarity with sapients so attacked.

So far, the alliance as proved modestly successful in reaching some microfactions, but has not penetrated the consciousness of the average Fen just yet.