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The Mystery of the Fen from Outer Space

(written and drawn by Brian Webb)<br\> Updated every Thursday<br\> <br\>

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Vision Impaired Transcript

<br\> F: Could be any faction, assuming it's not just a couple of people. Or some 'danes who's relatives got hit.<br\> Grey: I don't know. How're they getting their info if it's just a handful of people.<br\> Grey: Doesn't feel like the Karasukage. Couldn't be the VVS or the Patrol. Well not at Scott's level and Fnord's people wouldn't do this behind his back.<br\> F: We don't know enough yet, it might be a coincidence. Hell it could be us.<br\> F: Ask Arthur to be careful talking to people about this.<br\> Grey: Oh that's a lovely thought.<br\> Grey: This is going to be messy, no matter who's behind it.<br\> Grey: Bet you it'll cause a convention.<br\> F: No bet.<br\> <br\>

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