Alita Gally

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Alita Gally
BornLate 2009
ResidenceGrunthal, Mars
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationFaction Leader. Panzer Kunst Gruppe
Years active2009 onwards
Service/branchPanzer Kunst Gruppe
Years of service2011-
Height170 cm
Weight150 kg
PartnerDaisuke Edo
ChildrenAlita replica series
ParentsDaisuke Edo

Alita Gally believes herself to be a cyborg who lost her memory after being injured at the Islandcon incident, despite what records show about there being no casualties. She believes that her body was rebuilt by Daisuke Edo in 2009, and that the only remaining part of her that is originally human is her brain. She took her name from a Manga she read shortly after awakening... Battle Angel Alita.

Alita shares her appearance and many personality elements with her namesake, and chose to reconstruct the cyborg martial art of Panzer Kunst, based on the original Manga source, leading to the Founding of the Panzer Kunst Gruppe. She is headstrong and courageous, and tends to push back against anyone telling her what to do.

Already an exceptional fighter with beyond human strength, reaction times and abilities, thanks to her artificial body, the reconstructed ‘’Panzer Kunst’’ gives her an edge over other mechanically more powerful foes. Alita can take down an adversary many times her size.

The AR series, are AI androids, constructed copies of Alita sharing the same body designs with a more advanced AI which has grown on from the original template. Unlike the original, they know they’re artificial.

What Alita doesn’t know is that she is actually an Android built by Daisuke Edo in 2009 in an attempt to..well.. build Alita from Gunnm. She didn’t realise that fact when she woke up,... and he has been too afraid to tell her since.

She cares for Daisuke a great deal.


Unknowing Angel: Alita is an Android. She doesn’t know this, believing herself to be a human cyborg. Whether this is an immutable handwavium quirk where her mind selectively filters anything that might impinge upon that belief or not is unknown. Daisuke has never dared test it.[1]

Armoured Artist: Alita developed the reconstructed Panzer Kunst technique, and is probably it’s most adept practitioner.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do: Sometimes the best way to get Alita to do something, is to tell her she can’t.

Move it to the left...: Yes fan. [2]

Handwavium Abilities

Like Changing clothes,: Alita has three bodies. One for daily life, one for motorball and a ‘berserker’ body for combat. Switching between them takes about an hour with a competent tech. Normally Daisuke does it for her.

  • Daily wear: Alita’s first and most commonly worn body is based on the first body she is seen using in the Manga. It’s her baseline, and roughly equivalent to the average fenspace android. She doesn’t physically need to eat or sleep, but does so anyway, and naturally doesn’t age so is potentially immortal.
  • Motorballer: Alita’s motorball body is a copy of the number 99 body Alita used during the motorball story arc’s in the Manga. This body features high speed running wheels in the feet, enhanced reaction times over baseline, and a pair of Damascus blades mounted on the elbows. It breaks easily, but is also easy to fix.
  • Berseker: Alita’s berserker body features enhanced strength, reaction times and armour plating, at the expense of some weight, and some poor aesthetics. Alita does not like using the body... it has poor strength control thanks to onboard power boosters operating in a positive feedback loop


  1. The result, when it was finally put to the test, was described by all who witnessed it as an utter anti-climax
  2. A video of her playing and singing 'Big Generator' to a crowd in a Port Adelaide bar having gone viral