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Even in the relatively short time Fenspace has been in existence, the various factions have created ways to reward their members and others for their acts.

"This isn't an exhaustive list, and will probably be added to over the course of Fenspace's life. Feel free to do so." --Cobalt Greywalker 23:35, 13 February 2010 (UTC)


The word 'Awards' covers many things, but is mostly concerned with things like Medals, Ribbons, Shields and Trophies that most factions recognize that show the recipient[1] has performed some action that the awarding authority deems worthy of recognition.

In no particular order:

  • Zig Medal: (Great Justice) award for valor in combat above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Order of Yavin: (Galactic Republic) award for meritorious service against vastly superior odds.
  • Kalidor Crescent: (Galactic Republic) award for meritorious piloting above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Order of Khitomer: (United Federation of Planets) award for conspicuously honorable conduct in the face of extreme provocation.
  • The Kryptonian Shield: (Justice League Interplanetary) award for extraordinary courage in the face of the enemy.

Orders of Chivalry

Orders of Chivalry seem to be an anachronism for the forward looking factions of Fenspace, but given their beliefs it is not surprising that they exist. To be named a member of one of these is (nominally at least) a step above merely receiving an award, but unlike those they come with some responsibility[2].

In order of precedence (meaning those who organise events have to arrange them based on this priority):

  1. The Order of the Twilight Boundary (The Grey Knights, Faction: Cybers, Motto: Nos sto inter Lux lucis quod Obscurum ut encroaches super is [We stand between the Light and the Darkness that encroaches upon it], Suffix: KTB, Sovereign: The Grand Council of The Spiral)
    The Grey Knights are defenders of Life, and willingly (and sometimes eagerly) sacrifice themselves to protect it. As such, Grey Knights are normally accompanied by a Senshi commander and at least two Spartans to keep them from having to do so. If a Grey Knight also belongs to another order, they are automatically considered at least a Knight Commander (or equivalent) in that order unless granted a greater rank in that order. As part of their oaths, Grey Knights renege all other names but that they are given on their Ceremony of Repentance (their pre-swearing name is used only for official documentation as an addendum (e.g. Sir/Dame knight title, original name).
  2. The Eternal Order of the Celestial Star (The Named Senshi, Faction: Senshi, Motto: Diligo quod Justicia , In Nomen nostri Animus [Love and Justice, In the Name of Our Soul], Suffix: CS.{Name}, Sovereign: The Privy Council of the Crystal Millennium)
    The Named Senshi are Ranked by the singular celestial body they are named after, with inhabited worlds at the top, followed by Stars, inhabited moons, planets, inhabited Asteroids, moons, inhabited stations, asteroids, and smaller bodies in order. The use of concepts is restricted to temporary command ranks (in order, Cosmos, Love, Eternity, Justice, Chaos, Peace. With Cosmos/Eternity/Chaos and Love/Justice/Peace only used in groups together), and conglomerate objects (e.g. galaxies) are not used. If a member of another order, they are automatically considered at least a Knight Commander (or equivalent) in that order unless granted a greater rank in that order. Among the Senshi, Named Senshi also acquire noble rank. This starts at Princess/Prince and works downwards.
  3. The Order of Endymion the Protector (Faction: Senshi, Motto: Diligo victum Totus [Love conquers All], Suffix: KPE, Sovereign: Queen Serenity/King Endymion)
    The Highest order of Chivalry available to non-named Senshi. This Order is granted to those who 'have performed acts of supreme courage and valour, without thought to risk'. For example, Benjamin Rhodes is a Knight Commander of the Order of Endymion the Protector.
  4. The Order of the Rose (Faction: Senshi, Motto: In Diligo , nos mos change orbis terrarum [In Love, we will change the world], Suffix: KR, Sovereign: The End of the World)
    The knights of the Order of the Rose are always members of the Armed services or Police. The leader of the order has the rank of End of the World (Grand Cross of the Order), and is elected to membership of the Privy Council of the Crystal Millennium.
  5. The Order of the Jedi (The Jedi Knights, Faction: Warsies, Motto: In serenus , Vis rector [In serenity, the Force guides], Suffix: OJK(Knight)/OJM(Master)/OJE(Elder), Sovereign: The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic/The Council of Elder Jedi)
    The Jedi are peace-keepers and negotiators, who are able to kick ass and take names if necessary. In order of seniority: Elder, Master, Knight, Squire, Padawan. By convention, address is {gender-specific pronoun for Master} Jedi "name".
  6. The Unyeilding Order of the Olympians (The Spartans, Faction: Cybers, Motto: Heracles Cruor nos patesco quod veneratio [Heracles' Blood we bear and honour], Suffix: Sptn, Sovereign: Master-at-Arms of the Force Works Committee/Grand Cross)
    The Spartans are primarily a Search & Rescue organization, but they are also defenders of Meta-Humanity.
  7. The Order of the Moon Staff (Faction: Senshi, Motto: Ut necessarius , nos es illic [When needed, we are there], Sovereign: Queen Serenity/King Endymion)
    This is the Order where most Doctors and Scientists are inducted.
  8. The Order of the Crescent (Faction: Senshi, Motto: Lux lucis rector nostrum factum [Light guides our actions], Suffix: OCM, Sovereign: Queen Serenity/King Endymion)
    This Order is general catch-all for those who have benefited Meta-Humanity through their actions. Most of the reputable actors and civil servants in Fenspace will end up in this Order, as will those scientists that do not gain a higher ranking.
  9. The Order of St. Grimace (Faction: VVS, Motto: Vi veri veniversum vivus vici [By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe], Sovereign: The Central Committee of the Soviet Air Force)
    A huge in-joke among the original Soviets regarding the circumstances of their meeting. Related to the St. Grimace's Cross on the VVS flag. Awarded to outsiders if and when they figure out the joke.

Unless otherwise specified, the orders of chivalry follow the following Rank structure:

  • Knight/Dame Grand Cross
  • Knight/Dame Commander
  • Knight/Dame
  • Companion

The Senshi also have the 'Lady/Lord of the Realm' honour, which is a glorified 'Key to the City' type honour for those they cannot grant other ranks to.


  1. In some cases, unwillingly; in others, posthumously.
  2. Although, according to the oaths that may need to be taken, this is not necessarily to the faction the Chivalic Order belongs to.