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The results of living inside a proscenium arch of satellites is that the young now accept the public spaces of the earth as role-playing areas. Sensing this, they adopt costumes and roles and are ready to "do their thing" everywhere.

—Marshall McLuhan, From Cliché to Archetype

When people get together in groups larger than the family, they form a society (or a group of societies), and societies have their own habits, practices, and taboos - their culture. These articles describe aspects of Fen Culture.

The Fennish Atlas

What's where in Fenspace, and what to do when you get there.

Places in Fenspace
Tourism in Fenspace
Fenspace Theme Parks
Fenspace Travel Guide
Gondoliers: Fenspace's tour guides
Interplanetary Travel Times
How long it takes to get anywhere from Earth
Airport Codes
Expanding on Earthside aviation's best-practices.


Main article: Government in Fenspace

How Fen get along with each other and with others.

Fennish Government

The Fenspace Convention
The meta-government, from which all other Fennish government derives its authority
The Fen Consulate to Canada - an example of Fennish Government in the 'Danelaw
Law Enforcement in Fenspace
The Space Patrol
The Kandor City Police Department
Courts in Fenspace
Great Justice
Fennish military
Awards and Chivalrous Orders in Fenspace
Nobility (or what passes for nobility) amongst Fen
Politics in Fenspace
A high-level description of political thought, not of actual political activity

Other Governments

Mundane Government in Fenspace
How the 'Danelaw comes Up
Fen-Dane Relations
How the new societies get along with their motherlands


What Fen do, why they do it, and when it's done.

The Fen Calendar
Festivals, birthdays of note, days of memorials, and other things that happen every year.
Education in Fenspace
Teaching the fenkinder how to survive, thrive, and fit in with their factions.


Finance in Fenspace
While there are a few communist utopias and barter-driven societies in Fenspace, most Fen like using money.
Fen Corporations
Even in Fenspace, people have to work for a living.
Crime in Fenspace
Unfortunately, some people work at the wrong sort of jobs.


Because most Fen don't work 24×7, and you can't just sit around playing Caverns and Catgirls all weekend...

Fen Sports
The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat... In Space!
Musicians in Fenspace
People who make music.
Television in Fenspace
Even the Fen watch TV sometimes.
Things to Drink in Fenspace
Because everyone has their favourite tipple.


Most Fen aren't materialists; they need something to believe in.

Religion in Fenspace
Organized belief in Fenspace.
Myths of Fenspace
Disorganized belief in Fenspace.

Minority Groups

Even Fenspace has its easily-recognized minorities. Unlike in the 'Danelaw, these groups were created artificially.

The largest visible minority group in Fenspace.
Rabbit People
Another minority group, less-obvious but still common.
Artificial Intelligence
Not as visible as the catgirls, but more numerous.


The Space Age
Fenspace's unofficial calendar.