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The Interwave is the fennish Internet, made up of a vast collection of servers, routers and communications gear located throughout Fenspace. The Interwave started out following the original Internet RFCs, and is still cross-compatible with the 'Dane 'net. However, handwavium quirks, speed of light transmission across vast distances during the first few years, and the rising number of AIs have forced a number of pragmatic adaptations and Interwave-only RFCs.

Technical Specifications

In open space, radio signals travel at (obviously) the speed of light. Since space is big, this causes problems involving communications lag. A number of fen inventors have developed their own FTL radio systems. Each one is a bit different, but they all operate on the same principles as FTL travel.

The "standard" FTL radio used in Fenspace has an estimated signal speed of 10000.0c, bridging the gap from Earth to Pluto in just over a second.[1] As befits the patchwork that is the realspace radio network, the FTL system's total available bandwidth and general reliability depend on what device was handwaved to create the FTL transponder in the first place.

Interwave communication hardware

These description just represents the ‘common hardware’ available in Fenspace 2014, so there might be special hardware that behaves differently.

Digital communication equipment comes in very different sizes in Fenspace:

  • Faster than light Interwave Backbone Stations are large and heavy. They have a FTL range measured in lightyears and transport terabits of data on all of their point to point links.
  • Some Cell phone towers allow a large number of waved phones to get a FTL connection to the tower from a distance of thousands of kilometers. These FTL Cell phone towers are more expensive and difficult to build compared to the normal lightspeed ones.
  • Most Cell phone towers are only using lightspeed communication with their phones. They can have a range of hundreds to thousands of kilometers.
  • Man portable cellphones are lightspeed only, unless they hook up to a FTL cell phone tower.
  • Man portable radios are lightspeed can do lightspeed point-to-point communication with a range of lightseconds to lightminutes.


Notable Interwave Backbone Stations exist at:

Other locations not listed here also have Interwave nodes.

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  1. However, calling the nearest star is a six hour round trip for one signal. Remember, space is big