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GLaDOS v0.01
BornDecember 25, 2008(2008-12-25)
USSR Ptichka
ResidenceKorolev Air Force Base, Kandor City, Luna
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipSoviet Air Force
OccupationBase Systems Operator, Korolev AFB
Years active2010 - current

NPC character, written most often by Sean Breen
based on the character created by Valve

The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, commonly known as GLaDOS, is the Soviet Air Force artificial intelligence in charge of systems management at Korolev Air Force Base.


I once made a comment about GLaDOS' ... eccentricities ... to Buckaroo. He told me that, in an attempt to avoid confusion, he tried to speak with her in pure machine code. Evidently, she's just as confusing in their native language.


As with many Soviet AIs, GLaDOS started as one part handwavium experiment and one part user error. When the Central Committee absconded from Earth, they took along a whole bunch of junk; part of this collection of parts was the old Soviet private webserver[1].

Having heard stories and rumors about superpowerful computers created by handwavium doping, the Soviets decided to test it out on a carefully-blanked server. They were expecting to get a capable but non-sentient mainframe for general use, something not unlike a standard Trekkie ship's computer. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to remove the copy of Portal sitting on the server's RAID. Before anybody realized the mistake, the handwavium had gone through and GLaDOS was there.

GLaDOS kicked around as webmaster for the sovietairforce.fen domain during the time when Ptichka was off having adventures and running the video on YouTube. Once Korolev Air Force Base was completed, she was moved into the main server room on the dome-side part of the base as the system manager. She also maintains base security with great (some would say unholy) relish.

Handwavium Abilities

  • I Have The Power, Bwa-ha-ha-ha!: Handwavium-based AI that is integrated into the entirety of Korolev AFB. She can see almost everywhere in and around the grounds; only the living quarters are exempt from standard monitoring.


  • Is GLaDOS. That's really all anybody needs to say.


GLaDOS has appeared in the following stories:


  1. Which in no way is a mirror of the server that FenWiki resides on. Nope, no way. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.