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Christopher Marsden, CEO, Greenwood Inc


High Concept

Ludicrously Successful Fenspace Businessman and Philanthropist


Insatiable Curiosity - A finger in every pie, a nose in every window.

First Adventure: There's gold in them thar stars!

It started with a bucket of handwavium and a dream, to solve Earth's resource issues through asteroid mining. Chris and a bunch of his friends got together and built a ship, hauled an asteroid into orbit, and cut a deal with a mining company... and then brokered the sale of what was left as a space station. The results left all of them wealthy men, and they built a better ship to continue the cycle with.

Crossing Paths (1): Fight The Man? But I AM the Man!

Some people view Greenwood's collaboration with the TSAB to be another symbol of 'Daneside governments suppressing handwavium research and the 'fen in general. Chris viewed it as keeping friendly contact with a legitimate, democratic, and influential superpower. It also got him a gorgeous wife and partner, so he's not exactly unhappy with the end of it all.

Crossing Paths (2): Racing to the Rescue, As Always

Shinji Ikari was but one of many worthy causes Chris found to put his money into supporting. The Knight Sabers, the Nikaido Foundation, the Minstrel's Aid Society, Operation Great Justice, the Space Patrol...


Great (+4): Resources
Good (+3): Rapport, Will
Fair (+2): Contacts, Empathy, Fight
Average (+1): Notice, Shoot, Deceive, Crafts


  • Valkyrie Pilot (Can use Fight instead of Drive for spaceship piloting, but only when in a Valkyrie)
  • Corporate CEO (+1 to Notice, Rapport, and Contacts rolls when dealing with businessmen and government officials)
  • Been There, Poked Into That (Once per scene, Chris may declare a Situational Aspect dealing with the general state of the location or population, without spending a Fate point)



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