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These are the basic templates for all of Noah Scott's "angels".

Mark I

a.k.a. "the A.C. chassis"
159 Points

Absolute Timing [2], Digital Mind [5], Doesn't Breathe [20], Doesn't Eat or Drink [10], Doesn't Sleep [20], Injury Tolerance: no blood, no brain, no vitals, unliving [35], Intuitive Mathematician [5], Mind-Reading (Cybernetic, Touch-Based (requires cable connection)) [9], Photographic Memory [10], Racial Memory (digital, trigger: physical connection to data depository, backed-up memories only) [16], Sanitized Metabolism [1], Sealed [15], Telesend (Cybernetic, Touch-Based (requires cable connection)) [9], Unaging [15], Vacuum Support (inflicts Unusual Feature: "obvious robot" when used until skin is replaced) [4]
Bad Sight (nearsighted, mitigator: glasses) [-10], Code of Honor: professional [-5], Maintenance: electronics, one person, monthly [-2]
Zero-Point Features
Female human appearance.

Note that the modifier on Racial Memory says “backed-up memories only”, not “the character's backed-up memories only”. Each Scott-series Android can access memories stored by any other Scott-series Android.

Mark II

a.k.a. "the Skuld/Rin-Rin chassis"
182 Points

Scott-series Android, Mark I [159], no modifier on Vacuum Support [1], no Manitenance [2], Protected Sense (hearing) [5], Protected Sense (vision) [5], Radiation Tolerance (PF 5) [10]
Taboo Traits
DX, IQ, or HT below 10

This version of the template is not available until after June 2013.

The material presented here is the creation of Rob Kelk, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.