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Places in Fenspace
12 Ophiuchi
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)16h 36m 21.4s
Declination (Epoch J2000)-02° 19' 28.5"
Spectral typeK0-2 Ve
Distance from Sol31.9 ly
Other designations12 Ophiuchi include: V2133 Oph, 12 Oph, HR 6171*, Gl 631, Hip, 81300, HD 149661, BD-01 3220, BD-02 4211, SAO 141269, FK5 1433, LHS 3224, LTT 6632, LFT 1294, LPM 614.
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12 Ophiuchi is located about 31.9 light-years away from our Sun, Sol, within the east central corner of the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder or Snake Charmer. 12 Ophiuchi is a main-sequence orange-red dwarf star of spectral and luminosity type K0-2 Ve. The star may have around 90 percent of Sol's mass, 85 to 100 percent of its diameter[1], and around 39 percent of its luminosity. It appears to be as enriched than Sol in elements heavier than hydrogen ("metals") with about 102 percent of Sol's abundance of iron[2].

The distance from 12 Ophiuchi where an Earth-type planet would be "comfortable" with liquid water is centered around only 0.64 AU -- inside the orbital distance of Venus in the Solar System -- where a planet probably would have an orbital period around half an Earth year.

(Data from SolStation.com)


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