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Places in Fenspace
HIP 30104
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)06h 20m 06.10s
Declination (Epoch J2000)-48° 44' 27.90"
Spectral typeG3-4 V
Distance from Sol83.8 ly
Other designationsHR 2290, Hip 30104, HD 44594, CD-48 2259, CP(D)-48 833, SAO 217861, FK5 2486, LTT 2525.
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HIP 30104 is located about 83.8 light-years from Sol. It lies in the southwest corner of the constellation Puppis, the Stern of the legendary ship Argo Navis.

HIP 30104 is a yellow-orange main sequence dwarf star of spectral and luminosity type G3-4 V. Similar to Sol[1][2][3][4], this possible "Solar twin" may have roughly the same mass, the same diameter[5][6], and 1.25 times its luminosity. It appears to be almost 1.55 times as enriched than Sol in elements heavier than hydrogen ("metals") based on its abundance of iron[7]. With low chromospheric activity, the star appears to be much older than Sol's 4.6 billion years[8][9].

An Earth-type planet with liquid water on its surface would require a stable orbit centered around 1.1 AU from HIP 30104 -- just over the orbital distance of Earth in the Solar System. Assuming that the star has about one Solar-mass, such a planet would have an orbital period lasting close to 1.2 Earth years or around 430 days.

(Data from SolStation.com)


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