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Places in Fenspace
(Alpha Centauri A II.12)
Planetary characteristics
Political AffiliationUnited Federation of Planets (Fenspace Convention)
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Epimetheus, the largest gas giant in the Rigil Kentaurus A System, holds special interest because of its habitable moon Pandora. Originally charted in 2008, Pandora is the first life-bearing world discovered away from Sol, containing a viable ecosystem similar to that of Earth's Devonian period.

Unfortunately, Pandora’s surface is hostile to human life due to excessive oxygen content, though the Federation opened the Hallelujah Plateau (at an average altitude of 9,000m above sea level, the highest altiplano in known space and the only inhabitable region of Pandora) to limited settlement in 2019. The current population of the plateau is 2,500, mostly concentrated in the town of Ewya.

Starbase 2 was placed in Pandora orbit as a permanent exobiological research facility.