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Places in Fenspace
82 Eridani
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)03h 19m 55.65s
Declination (Epoch J2000)-43° 04' 11.22"
Spectral typeG5-8 V
Distance from Sol19.8 ly
Other designationse Eri, 82 Eri, HR 1008, Gl 139, Hip 15510, HD 20794, CD-43 1028, CP(D)-43 354, SAO 216263, FK5 119, LHS 19, LTT 1583, LFT 277, GC 4000.
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82 Eridani is a main sequence, yellow-orange dwarf of spectral and probable luminosity type G5-8 V[1] may have 97 percent of Sol's mass[2], 92 percent of its diameter[3], about 60 percent of its luminosity. The star appears to be less enriched in elements heavier than hydrogen ("metals") because it has between 29 and 100 percent of Sol's abundance of iron[4]. The star also shows a radial velocity of about 52 miles per second (mps) -- about 84 km per second or kps -- in recession, but the true space velocity is about 80 mps (about 129 kps). Indeed, 82 Eridani's low metallicity and high space velocity, and its substantial galactic orbital eccentricity (e= 0.40) suggest that it may be more than 10 billion years old[5], although it does appear to have a slight overabundance of metals for its age. Since the star's orbit lies primarily within the galactic plane (as does Sol's own orbit), it is thought to be an old disk star.

No large substellar companion has been found thus far[6]. However, the distance from 82 Eridani A where an Earth-type planet would be "comfortable" with liquid water is centered around 0.80 AU -- midway between the orbital distances of Venus and Earth in the Solar System. At that distance from the star, such a planet would have an orbital period of almost 275 days, or over two-thirds of an Earth year.

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