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Places in Fenspace
Gamma Pavonis
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)21h 26m 26.61s
Declination (Epoch J2000)–65° 21' 58.31"
Spectral typeF6-8 V
Distance from Sol30.1 ly
Other designationsGam Pav, NSV 13689, HR 8181, Gl 827, Hip 105858, HD 203608, CD-65 2751, CP(D)-65 3918, SAO 254999, FK5 805, LHS 3674, LTT 8510, LPM 780, LFT 1630
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Gamma Pavonis is a yellowish-white main sequence dwarf star of spectral and luminosity type F6-8 V. This star has at least eight tenths of Sol's mass,[1] a slightly larger diameter (106 +/- 11 percent of Sol's)[2] and about 1.5 times of its luminosity. The star may be only be 12 to 25 percent as enriched as Sol with elements heavier than hydrogen ("metallicity") based on its abundance of iron.[3] It may be over 9.1 billion years old,[4] and it also has a relatively high angular momentum around the galaxy.[5] A recent interpretation of these characteristics is that Gamma Pavonis is an old disk star.[6] It is a New Suspected Variable star designated NSV 13689.

The orbital distance from Gamma Pavonis where an Earth-type planet would be "comfortable" with liquid water is centered around 1.2 AU -- between the orbital distances of Earth and Mars in the Solar System. At that distance from the star, such a planet would have an orbital period that is greater than an Earth year. Astronomers are hoping to use NASA's Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) and the ESA's Darwin planned groups of observatories to search for a rocky inner planet in the so-called "habitable zone" (HZ) around Gamma Pavonis.

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Closest Neighbors

Gamma Pavonis is in a sparsely-populated section of local space; the distance between it and its closest neighbor, L49-19, is roughly half again as far as the distance between Sol and its closest neighbor.

These star systems are located within 10 light-years of Gamma Pavonis.

6 Stars of Interest to Gamma Pavonis Fen
Star System Distance from
Gamma Pavonis
Travel Time Interwave Lag
L 49-19 6.6 ly 4.81 days 5.79 hours
L 119-44 8.5 ly 6.21 days 7.45 hours
GJ 1277 9.0 ly 6.57 days 7.89 hours
CD-76 1182 9.1 ly 6.64 days 7.98 hours
Zeta Tucanae 9.3 ly 6.79 days 8.15 hours
CP-60 7528 9.5 ly 6.94 days 8.33 hours


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