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This page is a Wikipedia or SolStation data dump with little or no relation – or, worse yet, possibly with contradictions – to the situation in Fenspace.

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Places in Fenspace
Gliese 783
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)20h 11m 11.94s
Declination (Epoch J2000)–36° 06′ 04.4″
Spectral typeK2 V/M3.5V
Distance from Sol19.62 ± 0.03 ly
Other designationsGliese 783, HR 7703, CD -36°13940, HD 191408, GCTP 4782.00, LHS 486/487, LFT 1529/1530, LTT 7988/7989, SAO 211885, HIP 99461.
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HIP 99461 is a binary star system in the constellation of Sagittarius. It is 19.87 light years from Earth, and it has an absolute magnitude of +5.32. In space, Gliese is approaching the solar system at a velocity of approximately 140 kilometers per second. At this rate, it will be 6.7 light years away in 40,000 years, and ten times brighter than its current state. The two stars are separated by an angle of 7.1", corresponding to a distance of about 43 AUs.

(Data from Wikipedia)