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Zeta (2) Reticuli
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)03h 18m 12.80s
Declination (Epoch J2000)-62° 30' 22.90"
Spectral typeG1-2 V
Distance from Sol39.5 ly
Other designationsZet2 Ret, HR 1010*, Gl 138, Hip 15371, HD 20807, CP(D)-62 265, SAO 248774, LHS 172, LTT 1576, LFT 276, LPM 148.
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The Zeta (1), (2) Reticuli, wide-binary system is located around 39.4 to 39.5 light-years from Sol. It lies in the west central part of the Constellation Reticulum, the Reticule or Net (an old astronomical instrument used to measure star positions).

A yellow-orange main sequence dwarf star of spectral and luminosity type G1-2 V, Zeta2 has about the same mass (99 percent), around the same diameter (almost 99 percent), and almost same luminosity (102 percent) as Sol. The star may be 60 percent as enriched as Sol with elements heavier than hydrogen ("metallicity"), based on its abundance of iron[1]. Zeta (2) is thought to be an old disk star.

The orbit of an Earth-like planet (with liquid water) around Zeta (2) would have to be centered at around one AU -- the orbital distance Earth in the Solar System -- with an orbital period of just over a year.

Zeta (2) Reticuli has something of a reputation among 'dane UFO conspiracy theorists. Based on the controversial analysis of a map that was viewed by a couple of Humans and later recalled under hypnosis, some UFO conspiracy theorists on Earth believe that Zeta2, the brighter component, harbors the base of space-travelling beings (whom they call "Greys").

(Data (mostly) from SolStation.com)


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