LHS 2520

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Places in Fenspace
LHS 2520
Stellar characteristics
Right ascension (Epoch J2000)12h 10m 5.77s
Declination (Epoch J2000)-15° 4m 17.9 s
Spectral typeM3.5
Distance from Sol27.1 ly
Other designationsRao
PlanetsVext (LHS 2520 I; Murphy’s World)
Cythonna (LHS 2520 II)
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LHS 2520 is a fairly unremarkable red dwarf star 27 light years from Sol. In 2012, DC Comics announced in Action Comics Superman #14 that this particular star was where the planet Krypton orbited.[1]

In 2023, a group of Superfen took the long journey out to LHS 2520 and discovered three bodies of interest around the star.


A searing hot, super-Jupiter gas giant (Class S in Starfleet terms), this gas supergiant’s year lasts a mere two weeks.

Krypton Belt

A dense asteroid belt right smack-dab in the middle of the goldilocks zone. Prior to leaving, the Superfen expedition left behind a small memorial plaque on a large asteroid they dubbed Argo.


A frozen, lifeless rock that is just barely inside Rao’s outer habitation zone. One member of the original expedition wanted to call it Ma'aleca'andra, as it was “a Mars with more ice.”


  1. At least until the next retcon.