Global Frequency

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The Banzai Institute is developing a global network similar to what is in the DC comic book Global Frequency. The Institute coordinates local agents and global experts to solve problems using a massive and widespread thinktank – if something is going on, the Institute will be drawing upon the expertise of Blazers and consultants across the planet and in Fenspace, via satellite and Interwave communications. Blazers report situations in their area or are called upon to investigate, based on their abilities. If something crosses the Institute’s radar, there’s a possibility that anyone (Blue Blazer or not), anywhere, can get a phone call that starts, “Good afternoon, (person’s name here), this is Buckaroo, and you’re on the Global Frequency...”

Go-Phones are 'waved satellite telephones, issued to Blue Blazers so that they can more easily be part of the Global Frequency. Since the Institute picks up the tab for the satellite service, most Blue Blazers use their Go-Phones only for official BBI business.