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The Earth-Luna L5 Point was one of the first areas to be permanently settled, and continues to be one of the most diverse and densely settled areas of Fenspace. Roughly 50,000 people live at the L5 point permanently, while another 10-20,000 pass through the area on any given day.

Stations at Earth-Luna L5
Station Registry Station Name Population Notes
L5-A Stellvia 250 first L5 station; resort and Stellvia Corporation headquarters; unofficial (and disputed) political leader until May 2016
L5-A-1 Stellvia Annex 1 Kohran Li's private lab[1] - renamed Hana and moved to Deimos orbit in January 2018
L5-A-2 Stellvia Astroball Arena 0 up to 7,500 transient population during a game
L5-B New Yavin 4,500 Warsie point of presence; Great Justice fleet base
L5-C Beta 50 aka "Rockhounds SR-01" or "ISS-2"; largely low-G experiments, astronomy; run by Artemis Foundation
L5-D Herbert Henry 150 aka "Rockhounds SR-02"; Dow Chemical industrial rock
L5-E Tsunami 1,100 home base for Juraian faction; original metal slowly being replaced with treeship biotech
L5-F Abliarsec 800 Abh biomods/Crest of the Stars fen; largely Japanese expats in nature
L5-G Genaros 22,000 first of the Cities in Space[tm]; fusion Japanese-American cyberpunk culture; “Boomer” AIs
L5-H Island One 3,100 set up by American space advocates; population trends older & more bitter than the usual Fen
L5-I Central 2,500 City in Space[tm]; mostly Ausfen-Eurofen generalists; unofficial (and disputed) political leader after May 2016
L5-J Stardust 1050 Eurofen (German division) Pulper habitat; Perry Rhodan fen mostly
L5-K John Henry 145 industrial platform; builds space habitat components; generalist with fendane backing
L5-L Robur's Eyrie 250 Eurofen (French division) Pulper habitat; symbol black flag w/gold sun
L5-M Ravenmoon 110 smallish habitat for devoted Wiccans; considered a backwater in L5
L5-N Colony 600 Galactican Cylon faction base; obv. doesn't get along well w/ other Galacticans.
L5-O Libertatia 340 ex-Pirate HQ; reduced to point-of-presence and tourist trap
L5-P Humanitas Excelsior 90 Extropian/transhuman enclave; trying to build advanced nanotech & biotech
L5-Q A Baoa Qu 1,000 center of AEUG & other Gundam fen activity
L5-R O'Neill 75 private habitat; generalist; extremely unbalanced gender division (only male aboard is the owner)
L5-S Space Station Three 260 Filker habitat; always has fresh fruit; may or may not be haunted
L5-T Meetpoint 500 generalist trade center; considered more neutral territory than Stellvia or Central
L5-U Wonderland 150 aka "Rockhounds SR-07"; L5's breadbasket
L5-V Green Planetoidy 50 JMC cargo waypoint
L5-W Over The Rainbow 560 industrial platform partially abandoned mid-build, inhabited by squatters; suspected Boskonian waypoint
L5-X Kickassia 25 private home for undisclosed Fenspace kajillionaire(s)
L5-Y Lief Erickson 105 Discordian habitat; home of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
L5-Z Clarke County 400 habitat for fendanes of a certain bent; Nivenite and Heinleinian meeting point

Total permanent population ca. January 2016: 40,161
+/- average transient population ca. 1-2016: 13,287
Total population: 53,448


  1. usual orbit; the Annex is sometimes found in empty space during Kohran's weapons testing