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This page contains Fenspace Infinities material. Fenspace Infnities material hasn't "happened" by the current timeline, though it's already been referenced in future-history or alt-history Fenspace stories and discussion. Here there be dragons of questionable canonicity, you have been warned. --The Mgt
Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullOV-200 series Space Shuttle
Width78' (wingspan)
Mass151,000 lb.
Drive Typex3 ion drives
Drive RatingVariable
Primary ManufacturerHephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd. (licensee)
Flag of Recordxxxxx
Registry NumberOV-2xx
Launchedxx xxxxxx 201x
Primary Crewxxxxx
Other Crewxxxxx (AI)
Operational StatusPlanned
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Known Quirks

  • Good Morning Starshine II: The Class Quirk for this model ship. Similar to the class quirk displayed by the Three Graces, the OV-200 Orbiters need music played at the beginning of each workday in order to function at peak efficiency. Unlike the Graces, the same song can be reused (no more than three times in a row per any given month), but each Orbiter needs a distinct genre of music played for the best possible effect. foo likes xxxxx.
  • xxxxx: xxxxx

Candidate Names for Future Artemis Project Shuttles

"Explorers' Ships" from the NASA list: Adventure, America, Chatham, Eagle, Endurance, Godspeed, Hokule'a, Investigator, Polaris, Trieste (deepest voyage of any manned ship; Wiki page has a badge that can serve as inspiration for Shuttle patch), and Victoria

Other "Explorer's Ships": Dolphin (first ship to circumnavigate the world twice), Santa María

NASA-Approved Names

The following names were part of the 1978 committee meeting deciding on what the operational Orbiters would be named, as well as the 1988 student competition to name OV-105 (whom we all know and love as Endeavour). Names that have already been attached to Orbiters have been removed for clarity. --Mal-3 20:08, 23 January 2011 (UTC)

  • Adventure [1]
  • Adventurer
  • Alpha Centauri
  • America [1]
  • Arcturus
  • Blake
  • Canopus
  • Capella
  • Chatham [1]
  • Constellation [2]
  • Constitution [2] (which was supposed to be the name of OV-101 --Mal-3)
  • Deepstar
  • Desire
  • Discoverer (awfully close to Discovery... --Robkelk 03:29, 24 January 2011 (UTC))
  • Dove
  • Eagle [1]
  • Endurance [1]
  • Freedom (an early name for the International Space Station --Robkelk 03:29, 24 January 2011 (UTC))
  • Godspeed [1]
  • Gulf Stream (I really don't get this one, but it was on the list --Mal-3)
  • Hokule'a [1]
  • Horizon
  • Independence
  • Investigator [1]
  • Kitty Hawk
  • Liberty
  • Meteor
  • North Star
  • Orion
  • Pathfinder (already used --Robkelk 03:29, 24 January 2011 (UTC))
  • Peace
  • Polar Star
  • Polaris [1]
  • Prospector
  • Republic [2]
  • Trieste [1]
  • Victoria [1]
  • Victory
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 Namesake of an explorer's ship - please reserve for Artemis Project use
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Namesake of a Star Trek ship, so the Trekkies might want to use this name